Ballad Of October 16th

Almanac Singers

It was on a Saturday night and the moon was shining bright They passed the conscription bill And the people they did say for many miles away 'Twas the President and his boys on Capitol Hill. CHORUS: Oh, Franklin Roosevelt told the people how he felt We damn near believed what he said He said, "I hate war, and so does Eleanor But we won't be safe 'till everybody's dead." When my poor old mother died I was sitting by her side A-promising to war I'd never go. But now I'm wearing khaki jeans and eating army beans And I'm told that J. P. Morgan loves me so. I have wandered over this land, a roaming working man No clothes to wear and not much food to eat. But now the government foots the bill Gives me clothes and feeds me swill Gets me shot and puts me underground six feet. CHORUS Why nothing can be wrong if it makes our country strong We got to get tough to save democracy. And though it may mean war We must defend Singapore This don't hurt you half as much as it hurts me. CHORUS