Beyoncé - 632-5792 (hello) hello how are you (oh) i just got to say i hold you you know i had some things to do go lean up in me you know i guess i was kind of shy (how about) someone who writes for a dream or maybe you can see maybe you can sing a song (mmm) (tonight i'm bout to have fun) (i dial...) [chorus:] 632-5792(number) 632-5792(mmm) 632-5792 632-5792(he said: call me anytime) 632-5792 632-5792 632-5792 632-5792 [verse 2:] we talked about love songs (on and on and on) there's nothing wrong with calling, a quite song and havinig them play a song for me a song for you, a song for me a song it's getting late and i can't wait i have to go to sleep i'm happy i will speak but maybe i will be dreaming... [hook:] dream of you and we sing a lullaby (sing a lullaby) underneath a cherry tree as softly passes by and carries us away high in the sky when i your way (you know i'm going to die) [chorus:] 632-5792(sing me a lalaby) 632-5792(i think i'll call you tonight) 632-5792(oooohhhh) 632-5792(yeahh) 632-5792(you baby) 632-5792(ooohh oh oh yeah) 632-5792(you and me) 632-5792 632-5792(i just call to say hi) 632-5792 632-5792