Hill And Caela Talk


Mekhi: Yo, we grew up together, we cut school together When we have kids, go through terrible two's together Reagan: And when they turn three we'll be watchin' the news together Cop found slain that kind of pain last forever Mekhi: So what you me to be, huh? Reagan: A man of your family Mekhi: What? soccer dad, saturdays, load up the camry? Reagan: If i ever lost you the next would be my sanity A house without you is not a home It's more like amityville Mekhi: Come on, caela, you need to play fair, like vanity You're the only woman that i speak with so candidly You're the only woman i've been with, how can it be? Theres other fish inside the sea, but none can swim beside you, see But becomin' a cop is like becomin a man to me Reagan: And if you get shot then you'll become a body bag, you see I love more than slaves love the thought of bein' free Mekhi: What, you and me? Reagan: Simpson Mekhi: Ashford Both: Eternally Reagan: What about a desk job You still protect and servin' me 'cause i don't wanna get that call from the infirmary Thoughts of your surgery constantly disturbin' me Mekhi: But possibly a captian, your pessimism's concernin' me You know i love you i don't have to say it verbally Wouldn't leave you in berlin in post-war germany Reagn: Somethin' just occured to me Mekhi: Listen, only emergencyis me and you inside the bedroom With some urgency

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