The Language of Love

Dan Fogelberg

She says no When she means yes And what she wants, you know that I can't guess When we want more, you know we ask for less Such is the language of love.... I say leave When I mean stay But she don't see and so she moves away What we really want, you know we rarely say Such is the language of love It's tooth for tooth & eye for eye We hide our hearts & then we won't say why It's truth for truth & lie for lie Such is the language of love One cries foul And will not speak The other claims a little victory And all the time You know we fail to see This is the language of love When a love begins to wander No one ever knows But we feel it deep inside us Long before it shows Long before it shows We hem & haw We balk & bluff Our words don't ever seem to say enough But a simple smile A tender touch Speaks the true language of love (repeat chorus ) ( repeat 1st line)