The Heart Remains a Child

Everything But The Girl

Álbum: The Heart Remains A Child

I dreamed about you again last night. You never have the same face twice, but I always know it's you, and you're always looking better than you really do. Than you really do. And I walk around the whole next day feeling like I've still got something to say. But I don't know what it is, and I don't know how to reach you even if I did. Even if I did. Do I wanna hear that you forgive me? Do I wanna hear you're no good without me? Am I big enough to hear that you never even even think about me? Why should you ever think about me? And I thought that I'd outgrow this kind of thing. Tell me, aren't we supposed to mature or something? I haven't found that yet, is this as grown-up as we ever get? Maybe this is as good as it gets. And years may go by, but I think the heart remains a child. The mind may grow wise, but the heart just sulks and it whines and remains a child. I think the heart remains a child. Why don't you love me? Why don't you love me? Why don't you love me?