The Lady's In Love With You

Glenn Miller

(Conversation between Glenn Miller and Tex Beneke:) TB: (whistlewhistlewhistle) GM: Hello there, Texas, whatcha say? I‘d like to bend your ear if you're goin‘ my way! TB: Okay, Glenn, what's worryin‘ you? Tell me the story and I'll see what I can do... GM: Well, I got a new girl that‘s a real killer-diller, but I'm not so sure that she goes with Mr. Miller... TB: Hhm, that's nothin‘ to worry about, Man, don't you know how to go about finding it out? GM: No, you tell me, Texas! TB: If there‘s a gleam in her eye each time she straightens your tie You know the lady's in love with you If she can dress for a date without that waitin‘ you hate It means the lady's in love with you... And when your friends ask you over to join the table But she picks a faraway booth for two, Well, Sir, here's just how it stands You‘ve got romance on your hands Because the lady's in love with you!