Bem Me Quer (Tradução em Inglês)

Grupo Nosso Sentimento

Because you didn't tell the truth Because agile with so much falsehood Because it lied for me and didn't tell me that already had another person Worse than now is already involved Worse than now without you I don't live Worse than you know and it is that that is playing with me Well wants me, hugging me and kissing me Badly wants me, having hopes and making a mistake says which is that because I don't want more to be living in that game Well wants me, calling for my telephone Badly wants me, but all time changes my name says which is been it will be with me or he/she is leaving REFRAIN: Because I want an alone love mine Without other alone person you and me I Love you and I don't want more to divide It arrives of that very wants me or badly wants me ,tem that to decide Because you didn't tell the truth...