Through... the hammer of justice A human life will be destroyed Protection to the unborn Is radical devoid Suffering an illness which for medicine is new Abortion? Perhaps needed, the baby could die too "The embryo will not feel this pain!" Opinion of a judge Hospitalized - still calm is within the dark Unborn Before you will live you must Suffer death Stillborn Human rights, o.k. But not yet! Mother tried to escape but she quickly has been caught They're not wasting time The killing happens on the spot A little thought is rising up From deep inside her body: "Mother, help 'cause I don't want to die!" After the abortion started Sadness is growing cold Now she feels no more emotions All she loves hsa been Absorbed Awaking from the unconsciousness Medical science got success If they had waited two days longer - Left without a name - An unborn could be saved from an inhuman death Unborn The choise of life: A lie Stillborn Real impossible: Dead cannot die