Mara Lima

What to do when science, medicine disillusions Despair hits the door, and you claim Distressed you do not know what to say What to do when the money or position can not help Your reputation, your glory will not advance when the death in your home have to go Jairo felt so helpless as weak Seeing her daughter almost dead He left to seek an answer, and thought to himself I'll leave the position, I will run after the crowd There is someone who can help me Jairo determined left in your luggage to make sure Greater than despair is their faith In the heart of the hope of a great faith and confidence If played at the feet of Jesus of Nazareth And he worshiped him and pleaded, help me sir Jesus moved with great compassion Hover said that stand ground Believe I am the resurrection and the miracle he performed Pro miracle happen you have to cry Pro miracle happen you have to have faith Pro miracle happen you have to insist Fall at your feet and worship him He is beyond death He goes beyond the life He goes beyond the pain He goes beyond what the human mind imagine He has authority He has all power My brother if you believe it turns the impossible into reality for you He transfom reality pra vc (2x) What to do when science, medicine disillusions

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