Álbum: Orgasmatron

I am the one Orgasmatron the oustreched grasping hand my image is of agony my servants rape the land obsequious and arrogance clandestine and pain two thousend years of misery of torture in my name hypocrisy made paramount paranoia the law my name is called religion sadistic sacred whore I twist the truth I rule the world my crown is called deceit I am the emperor of lies you grovel at my feet I rob you and I slaughter you your downfall is my gain and still you play the sycophant and rebel in your pain and all my promises are lies all my love is hate I am the politician and I decide your fate I march before a martiant world an army for the fight I speak of great heroic days of victory and might I hold a banner drenched in blood I urge you to be brave I lead you to your destiny I lead you to your grave your bones will build my palaces your eyes will stud my crown for I am mars the god of war and I will cut you down

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