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Rick Ross

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Push It


(push it to the limit)

Port of miami (uhhh)

Importing the candy (uhhh)

Aint got nothign to lose (nah)

I'm just supporting my family

(push it to the limit)

Never traffic for fun (fun)

Only traffic for funds (funds)

All i seen is the sruggle (struggle)

Its like im trapped in this slum

(push it to the limit)

Niggas were badly paid

No water we barely bathed

Better be better days on the way

Thats on my daddy grave

(push it to the limit)

Im pushing the hard (hard)

Im pushing the soft (south)

If he pushin the white (lie)

He pushin for ross (ross)

I waited and waited (waited)

I dun ran outta patience (patience)

They hated and hated

Left em slow dancing with satin

(push it to the limit)

Fresh in my white tee

Mac eleven sware to god

I bought my first block

Broke it down and tore the block apart

(push it to the limit)


I push and i push (push)

I ride and i ride (ride)

Tryna survive on 95

(push it to the limit)

Put it all on the line (line)

At the drop of a dime (dime)

I be pushin them whips (whips)

Yes, three at a time

(push it to the limit)

Im pushin it (push)

Im pushin it (push)

Im pushin it (push)

I gotta (push it to the limit)

Im pushin it (push)

Im pushin it (push)

Im pushin it (push)

I gotta (push it to the limit)

I handle dope like a vandle off the banana boat

Bananas and the rifles

No cameras im just a man alone

(push it to the limit)

I paid dues my moves done made news

Im smooth my suede shoes

They new like ray-cial's

(push it to the limit)

Nobody used to speak (speak)

Now everybody wave (wave)

You dunk your mamma house (house)

You set your sister straight (straight)

(push it to the limit)

Im building a dream (dream)

With elevators in it

Tell who made the linen

No gators got on my hater vision

(push it to the limit)

I see ya, i see ya suckas (suckas)

I see ya clear (clear)

I know you see me in that phantom

Whiter then vaneers

(push it to the limit)

Allergic to broke (broke)

Determined to blow (blow)

On the boat we hit the work n detergent and soap (uhhh)

(push it to the limit)

We ship em from haiti

They be whipping em daily

Let it dry let it dry time to whip a mercedes

(push it to the limit)

Im changin my range (ross)

Here to rain you parade (parade)

You gotta push it to the limit

If you wanna be paid


We started minute

The money matured

My money secured

I got moneys in europe

(push it to the limit)

My bundles be pure

Cost like a hundred a pour

The world is yours

Hundred million and more

(push it to the limit)

Now i run the streets (ross)

They all mine (ross)

Twleve years over due

Call it due time

(push it to the limit)

I told you never roll on the soul of a soldier (uhhh)

You never know that dishwasher may be a beholder

(push it to the limit)

Who ever thought that fat girl would grow into Opra (uhhh)

Or that boy Rick Ross will be moldin the culture

(push it to the limit)

I push and i push (push)

We breakin the mold (mold)

We push and we push (push)

We breaking the hold



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Rick Ross Rick Ross, nome artístico de William Roberts, (Carol City, Florida, 8 de Fevereiro de 1977) é um rapper afro-americano, (conhecido também com nome alternativo Rick Ro$$), membro da Slip-N-Slide. Mora no norte de Miami em Dade County. Em 2006, lançou ...

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