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The Heretic Anthem


logo cifrasCifras de The Heretic Anthem
Im a popstar threat and Im not dead yet
Got a bet super dred bet with an angel drug head
Like a dead beat winner, I want to be a sinner
An idolized bang for the industry killer
A hideous man that you dont understand
Throw a suicide party and Im guaranteed to fucking snap
Its evilsonic, its pornoholic
Breakdowns, obscanities its all I wanna be

If youre 555, then Im 666
If your 555, Im 666
[Whats it like to be a Heretic?]

Everybody's so infatuated
Everybody's so completely sure of what we are
Everybody defamates from miles away
But face to face they havent got a thing to say
I bleed for this and I bleed for you
Still you look at my face like Im somebody new
TOY- nobody wants anything Ive got
Which is fine because your made of

If youre 555, then Im 666
If youre 555, Im 666
[Whats it like to be a Heretic?]

30 seconds, 16, 8, 4, lemme tell you why
I havent the slightest, Im teaching your brightest
Theyre listening, clamoring
All the money in the world cant buy me
Tell me again how youre tortured
I wanna know how you fallowed your orders so well
Your full of SHIT
You had a dream, but this aint it

If youre 555, then Im 666
If youre 555, Im 666
[Whats it like to be a Heretic?]


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