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My Life, Your Entertainment

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Hey, hey
Hey what's happenin' e'erybody
I hope they get my good side
You know I gotta look good when I walk out the house
You know I know the camera's following
I know they taking pictures, right Drama
Ay man, you watch it I live it, you dig that
Y'all sit back relax get some popcorn man
I'm gonna make it a good show, you dig that
This goin' make a hell of a movie huh

My life, your entertainment
You watch it while I live it (live it)
I walk they follow (ay)
I talk they holla (ay)
Just here for your amusement
My life, your entertainment
You watch it while I live it (live it)
You waitin' for me to lose it
I guess I'm just here for your amusement

The price of fame I think I paid, want my change I done gave
E'erything in my possession for my seconds on the stage
For my name up in lights and multi-million record sales
I done gave up my life, can't get a moment to myself
When alone I ask myself, is it worth it? I ain't perfect
Neither is anybody else, but I think my kids deserve
To be with Daddy out in public without all the interruptions
When the lies and gossip's published I'm the topic of discussion
And I stay in trouble just to show these suckers I ain't lost it
And I'd do it all again that's the funny thing about it
I ain't playing, boy I'm 'bout it
Will I change, boy I doubt it
I done been a lot of things, I ain't never been a coward
See the paparazzi crowded all around me now
Same niggas who was dissin' want a pound like I'm C now
Showered with support from my adoring fans
They hear T.I.'s arrested they're like here we go again

My life, your entertainment
You watch it while I live it (live it)
I walk they follow (ay)
I talk they holla (ay)
Just here for your amusement
My life, your entertainment
You watch it while I live it (live it)
You waitin' for me to lose it
I guess I'm just here for your amusement

You've seen it all before, guys know how the story goes
It's like 2Pac never died, sit back, enjoy the show
You see the shit that scares you senseless, I done lived through it
Knew the risks and the consequences and I still do it
And then I'm so fresh, them niggas mildew it
Not just a actor by profession, pimp, I live movies
That's why they whisper when they see me, point and stare at me
'Cause they just wanna live through me vicariously
Fashion weekend, Paris week, party like a rockstar
Get blown by a top model 'til she catch lockjaw
Got the dough you get a year, stashed in my sock drawer
Showed you the troubles and the struggles of an outlaw
Top dog would not fall, I am not y'all
Couple pages out the calendar and I'm out y'all
Kid listen, pay attention, you don't wanna be me
It's safer to watch it on T.V.

My life, your entertainment
You watch it while I live it (live it)
I walk they follow (ay)
I talk they holla (ay)
Just here for your amusement
My life, your entertainment
You watch it while I live it (live it)
You waitin' for me to lose it
I guess I'm just here for your amusement

See I don't think it would even matter (to me)
Woking a nine to (five) would it be better
I mean be honest, would you care to gossip about me
Not likely
I guess that's just the way that it goes (the way that it goes)
('Cause I know) See I can be somewhere out keeping it cool
(And get told) Almost anything instead of the truth
Y'all know more than I do, it's breaking news to me too
Easy killer y'all know that ain't how I move (ooh)
He said and she said (what) I did what, with they (who)
No not me I said (not me) she gave me no head (ooh)
Won't get me again (hey) I pleaded the fifth (hey)
I know better than to ever talk during the film...
In' and flashing lights can blind your eyesight
To when you can't see what's wrong from right
Well shorty 'til you walk a mile in my shoes
And understand this is who I am
Usher I completely concur
Life can be such a blur, obviously we prefer
Our privacy but instead we endure
Yes sir, don't expect nothin' less of me
'Cause this goin' probably be this way until the death of me
But for the hustle and the lady on my arm now
Plus all my kids and my mom's I'm a calm down
And yo, we doin' just fine, and the time's just flyin'
Live one headline at a time

My life, your entertainment
You watch it while I live it (live it)
I walk they follow (ay)
I talk they holla (ay)
Just here for your amusement
My life, your entertainment
You watch it while I live it (live it)
You waitin' for me to lose it
I guess I'm just here for your amusement


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T.I. TI cujo verdadeiro nome Joseph Clifford Harris Jr., nasceu 25 de setembro de 1980 em Atlanta (Geórgia - E.U.A.). Ele cresceu em uma área difícil de Atlanta e tornar-se concessionário de um certo tempo para ganhar a vida. Mas música rap e recuperar o ...

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