One In A Million


Love it, baby, love it, baby...

Baby, you don't know (know) what you do to me (me)
Between me and you (you) I feel a chemistry
I won't let no one (one)
Come and take your place (place)
'Cause the love you give, it can't be replaced

So, no one else can do me like you do
That's why I wanna spend my life with you (with you)
I wanna please you in any way I can
I want to show you my world, don't you understand?

1-Your love is one in a million
It goes on and on and on
You give me a really good feeling, all day long
(repeat 1)

Turn me inside out, you make my heart speak
I need no one else, you're all I need
Personality (ty) Everything you do (do)
Makes me love everything about you
Your smile, your style is so fly
I can't deny I got a crush on you
And that is killing me and I'm diggin' you
You make me believe that
(repeat 1)

2-I'll give you, oh
Anything you want from me
Anything you want, anything you need
Anything your soul desires...
(Hoo, I'll give you, hoo, ooh)
(repeat 2, 1...)

Love it, baby, love it, baby...

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