Peaches And Cream


It be the R, O, C, Stop the sh*t, ain't nothin' change in this bendy drop, I take ten out, believe me, Bleek and out, that you ain't liven' for the moment, ma get out, you know the whips sink, plus it's missin' the top, you wanna roll with the rock, then come get hot, I got no take, cause the wrists it sparkle, beats bark, new sh*t, black sparkle come on, (Aaliyah) All my clothes are tailer made, and yes I got a house right on the lake, you know I be spendin' everyday, don't matter cause all my bills are paid, Drop top bently, gucci shades Jammin' in Vegas for a day, As well as I do intimidate, And sixers can date me cause I'm made. (Chorus sung be Aaliyah) (you) See, I'm liven' the good life, I'm partyin' every night, I'm watchin' the Crystal flow, V.I.P. and that's all i know, Just liven that good life, (good life) still partyin' every night, (every night) still watchin' the Crystal flow, (Crystals flowin') V.I.P. and that's all I know. (Aaliyah) I could jet to Amsterdam, 13 karrets on my hands, Wallstreet says I'm doin' fine, Drop cash for all country side, payin' showfers, butlers, maids, runnin' up my bills everyday, country clubbin' with rich friends, tomorrow I'll do it all again. Chorus check, Hey yo m dot, hm hot, hm got, hm tot, benz cool, hm drop, hm got land view, swiss acounts, and hm got dough tied around his spouse, and big splurge, pop a couple of furs, a couple of karrets, if you want it you can have it, bleek on chrome dot home his own, no stoppin' me now this little n*gga in the zone, I dine out, did it pop in the grind out, shorty act up I put on time out, relax, (Aaliyah) uh, uh, uh, good life uh, uh, uh, that's right uh, uh, uh, good life uh, uh, uh, I'm liven' that, uh, uh, uh, good life, uh, uh, uh, that's right, uh, uh, uh, good life uh, uh, uh. repeat chorus 2x until fade.

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