You Tell a Tale

A Second Chance

I search your words Fish for breaks in every line You say you'll paint a picture in my mind. I'm pay attention to details And searching for any misleading ideas You tell a tale, one grand enough to carry me away. Because I know where you've been And I know what you've done with him I hope it's worth what we lost Take your time with your goodbyes Because this will be the last time I sit by with eyes closed tight And it's hard to know If I had caught this months ago Could have faced myself Saved myself from this disease It's killing me faster With every single second you are gone You needed an answer But when I said yes, I meant for ever more. I look into your eyes and See that your color's changing, And I wish that I could change with you. And when you said forever, Did you mean it to be true? Or was it another tale from you?

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