Common Ground (get It Going On)

A Tribe Called Quest

Who that at the door? (Yo, Tip, it's her)
What you doin here, in front of my face? (repeat 3X)
You didn't want my, you didn't want it
So go somewhere, where you are wanted
But if you want to, you can come here
Come here, yo
Yo yo aha aha ha ha

Have you ever met a woman that just took your breath? (yeah uh huh uh huh, yeah uh huh)
So deep inside her life, she contemplated death (damn she did, give a fella the creaps)
Can't help but get attatched to a woman like that (true dat)(repeat 4X)
The contact was quite immediate, I had to attack
(Because you the man, yo, you know you the man)
We related and debated over food and tunes
It started out in September, now we enterin June (say word)(repeat 4X)
A simple night in the crib, no, it just won't do
(no it just won't do, no it just won't do)
Because she liable to start shit too wild for you
(wild for you, wild for you, wild for her)
She wanna push my whip, buy diamond chips
And take on trips, conversin my flip
Gotta do her hair, take her out to the fair
When a teddy bear there, make sure you don't stare
At another one comin, don't be startin nuthin
Be a slave to her, don't be brave to her
Make sure that she's right, make sure that you wrong
When she wants to do it, make sure that it's long
If anyone wanna make it work it's me (Phife Dawg help me out)(repeat 2X)
But we gotta come through with common ground baby
Any man, he can claim to be the one for you
But put it straight to your lover in life runs true

And if it's me then let's get it going on (repeat 4X)
Get it going on, let's get it going on
And if it's me then let's get it going on (repeat 2X)

Phife Dawg in the break, is she more than you can take?

See, I'm not the one to be taken advantage of
And if you really think about it, I got nuthin but love
Now if your heart isn't in it, please let me know
There's no need to waste time, if it's no
Q-Tip: then I'll go

And if it's me then let's get it going on (repeat 4X)
Get it going on, let's get it going on
And if it's me then let's get it going on (repeat 2X)

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