Álbum: Find A Way

Chorus: Now you caught me heart for the evening Kissed my cheek, moved in, you confuse things Should I just sit out or come harder? Help me find my way Q-Tip: Messing me up, my whole head Teasing me, just like Tisha, did Martin Now look at what you're starting Schoolboy's crush and it ain't on the hush The whole world sees it but you can't (uh) My peoples they complain, sitt and rave and rant (come on) Your name is out my mouth like an ancient chant (say what?) Got me like a dog as I pause and pant... Phife: Speaking of which, got a leash and I wish just to rock you miss (come on) Make a militant move, peep my strategy (what?) End of the day you're not mad at me (uh) Not dealing with nobody, now that's what you told me (what?) I said: "hey yo, it's cool, we can just be friendly" (come on) 'Cause yo, picture me messing it up Her mind not corrupt with the ill C-Cups Shit, I'm on my J.O. (come on) Bullshitting, hoping that the day goes slow (what?) Got me like a friend, what confuses me though Is kisses when we greet, tell me what's the dill yo? (dill yo, yo, yo...) Chorus (2x) Q-Tip: Now why you wanna go and do that, love, huh? Making things for me towards you harder Killing me, just when I think we're there You got the whole vibe and the flows in the air Telling me 'bout next man But next man ain't the nigga with the plan Who got your heart in mind? It's about time that you just unwind (come on) Phife: And let it just happen, make it front-free (uh) Just sweat me like Moneypenny (uh) Digging you, getting inside of your stee (what?) It's the Quest that keeping you company Forever, or however you want it Q-Tip: Word word, now wait a minute now before you jet it to the curb (yeah, yeah) Start to make affections, which is good not the hurt But it, it aint me, and I, I ain't blurred (uh) I'ma still just chill with you Maybe things could change if you change your view (come on) If not then I guess it is cool (yeah) just, to keep to yourself and adbide by the rules, right check it out now... check it out now... like that now... check it out now... wha wha now... check it out now... yeah yeah now... check it out now... check it out now... it's like that now... check it out now... yeah yeah now... check it out now... what you say, what? what? Chorus till fade out

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