His Name Is Mutty Ranks

A Tribe Called Quest

Álbum: His Name Is Mutty Ranks

[Phife Dawg] Live and direct, live and direct! You know what live and direct mean? Live and direct, come!!! Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, how you be, how you be? From New York to A-T-Aliens, youknowhatI'msayin? Word up, do it like this Word up word up, do it like that And you don't stop, and you don't quit Unless you're in the studio doin wack shit Yo check it Boom batta, watch your teeth shatter All that shit you pop in your jams, it won't matter Bust your whole grill, now watch that joint shatter I'm the Captain of the ship, FUCK a William Shatner Emcees be poppin shit when they squeezin they cake batter Claimin they style be fat, but guess whose style is fatter? The ill beat jacker, emcee attacker Fuckin with the Diggy it don't, get no blacker Malik is Zach Taylor, ey the stress reliever Brown eyed shorty, chocolate like Godiva Fuck what you heard I'll make YOU a believer Me gettin burnt, that's like a white girl named Shareema You never see her, cause she's the black like Sarafina Set shit off like Monifah, nickel like Khadija So girls with fat asses and tits, nice to meet ya Do five plus five equals ten? Ask your teacher For God so loved the world he said Phife, ask your preacher Love to toot my own Horne, similar to Lena Before I take stage, I take sips of Aquefina Fucked Judy Jetson now they call me Jet Screamer Love my coffee dark so you can keep your dairy creamer Tribe fallin off well youse a got damn dreamer Hah, yaknahmean? A word up a word up a word up a word up yo Have you heard the one make the crowd rock? Tribe Called Quest we haffa do it non-stop Listen to the radio we're never goin pop cause ya nah ready for dis yet, bwoy! Say ya nah ready, say ya nah ready Say ya nah ready for dis yet, bwoy! Say ya nah ready, say ya nah ready Say ya nah ready for dis yet, bwoy! And we out like that, fuck that

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