Mr. Muhammad

A Tribe Called Quest

Álbum: Mr. Muhammad

[Q-TIP] Dip dip dive, to the socialised Issued rhythms, that are on the rise Step right up, with an opened circuit Get this current, don't you know it's worth it Presented with, Tribe's cintricity Compared, don't you know? vibe electricity Strong like a law, quick like a comet Can I get whateva' from Mr. Muhammad? *Ali scratches interlude* [Q-TIP] If Muhammad has the breaks, who will have the laps? [Whispered] Bodies set it up, all flow to rhythm stack Okay I see my brotha' (huh), you know what we can do (what?) Cruise with the rhythm's (hah), Shaheed will lead us too (yeah) Posin' with the hoties (huh), harder than the hard (hard) Still Muhammad plays with a full deck of cards (card) The Tribe's stuff is present (yeah), established with the beat (beat) We roll around on wheels (huh), or utilise the free feet Po' would keep progressin' (huh), egos of the Tribe (Tribe) If we have to swing it (uhh), we won't take a dive (dive) Comprende my compadre? (yeah), kid you want some more? (Yeah) Muhammad push the button (huh), sample sing the score (ho) Brotha's try to pose, up with the Tribesmen Rhythm on your toes, yes it's the funk again Appreciate the flow, denounce the circuit breaka's Do it with the best, the movers and the shaka's Bustin' out your heap, this for rap my vehicle Burnin' up the felts, rhythm's up to me It will be strong like a bomb, quick like a commet Can I get whateva' from Mr. Muhammad? *Ali scratches interlude* [PHIFE] Sitting on the dock (huh), think to make a wish (word) Muhammad oh Muhammad (he), damn your quite a dish (dish) Fondelin' the groove (groove), with the mystic sense (sense) Honey's won't ya' try (huh), they pushy in the tents (tents) But I don't give a damn (word), rhythm's are the thing (huh) Rhythm's have the key (huh), rhythm's make you swing (hah) If you don't like it (no), you can pucker up (hoo) You listenin' Mr. Quayle (yeah), if you're hiding just give up (hoo) I'm a rhythm monster (wild), who's out on a prowl (yeah) Muhammad gives a hoot (hoot) like Woodsy the Owl (yeah) Comprende my Compadre? (uh huh) kid you want some more? (word) Muhammad push the button, sample sing the score (ooh)

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