Rap Promoter

A Tribe Called Quest

Álbum: Rap Promoter

{Q-Tip} It's a fly love song To the effect of nothing, effective fronting is what I don't allow so let me tell you something I am a bon-a-fide Not too modest and not a lot of pride Soon to have a ride and a home to reside if my momma is sick I'm by her beside Used to watch the show on channel 4 called Riptide Wash my wears in-Tide cause it's too damn cold out-Tide, that's how the runnings go If there ain't no dough then there ain't no show So take your roly poly fat promoter (ass) to the Chemical Bank, and get my cash If you wanna see the people scream and laugh You best Quest you ask the Quest you ask real fast Cause I don't wanna see em, start buckin Throwin chairs in the air while you be duckin what what? Don't step to me with that If you promotin the show make sure it ain't wack *sings* Or else I'm leaving ("let me tell you") I'm leaving (*cut and scratched* "let me tell you") I'm leaving (*cut and scratched* "let me tell you") Your wack show {Q-Tip} Yo man whassup with that? {Phife} Yo don't sweat me... ... c'mon, five hundred, that was the deal {Q-Tip} C'mon man, don't try to play me out {Phife} We don't need you, sorry!!! {Q-Tip} You know you need me *drum roll* {Q-Tip} And the Abstract rapper says I want chicken, and orange juice, ?dat sauce on my rider? And my occasional potato by Oreida Don't forget my pastry make sure they're tasty I'm not the type to be pushy or hasty See I'm the type of bro that's reared in the ghetto Took a few shorts before Now the only ones I take are the ones that I wear Ain't takin no shorts no more, now please act proper 'fore I call the CrimeStoppers Don't dip on the dough, cause that's a no-no Make sure you count your money real slow Be alert, look alive, and act like ya know It's, the 90's, time to make moves Not, the 80's, do away withcha womb So what? You got a crew I got one too, they're called the Brooklyn Zoo Don't break fool, let's be reserved and cool We don't have to act like we in grade school Just make sure that we're taken care of And we'll do a fly show for ya bub, check it out Diggi-dang-diggi-dang, di-dang-ga-dang-a-diddy Diggi-dang-diggi-dang, di-dang-ga-dang-a-diddy Diggi-dang-diggi-dang, di-dang-ga-dang-a-diddy Diggi-dang-diggi-dang, di-dang-ga-dang-diggy-diggy

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