A Tribe Called Quest

Verse Sometimes men and women look at themselves and see bliss Through experience we tend to exist That's through our past or our caretakers The instance is in particular, so you need to recognize that if you take all this away and look at us at the end of the day we stand great among creation So baby take these words as a little inspiration While I kick this shit get your ass motivation MCs, you're walking a thin line Get in your ranks and tighten up as we walk through mines and plus vipers, phony rhymers and biters Money-grubbers, beat-dubbers amongst a whole host of others Who be fakin', fraudulatin' Waitin' for your bacon They be takin' and skatin' while you sit contemplatin' Who's your peoples Well let me tell you somethin' now paw We're livin' a world that's R-A-double-raw It's crazy but it's true, go for delly is the law and if you cross the path then you dangerin' your jaw And if you Glass Joe, don't go toe-for-toe Yo all we wanna do is our thing and lay low So brothers hold your heads high when you get down Don't violate these women cuz we need them around It's all of us together, not the one without the other The Abstract is ill, word to mother. Chorus We got to do our do, not separate, together Got to move on through, not separate, together Got to do our do, not separate, together Got to move on through, not separate, together Yo, we got some problems baby People stressed out, check it But we can make it Sugar Keep it light and I say move on through separate not together but together Not separate, that's how we got to do it, check it on out Bust it, yo... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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