Álbum: Skypager

Q-Tip: Do you know the importance of a skypager? Those who don't believe, see you're laid behind Got our skypagers on all the time Hurry up and get yours cuz I got mine Especially if you do shows, they come in fine If you're with a G and you're sippin wine Eatin caccatore with a twist of lime Gotta meet your lover at a quarter to 9 Joint by base, then you get your high Phife: If you get your then high, mine is next The 'S' in skypage really stands for sex Beeper's goin off like Don Trump gets checks Keep my bases loaded like the New York Mets At times I miss the pager so you don't get vex Havin bad days like a voodu hex Conceptually, a pager is so complex Cuz I be standin by the phone ready to flex (Welcome to the new skypager) (phone dialing) (Enter telephone number or other numeric message) Q-Tip: Uh, so funky(4X) Phife: The batteries I use are called Du-ra-cell They last for three weeks so they do me well Don't be goin through no phases my joint stays on 24-7, from dusk til dawn If you're in Costa Rica on a sunlit beach You greed for the Phifer, I can be reached A number of importance, I just put it on lock You leave code '69", that means you want some (cock) Q-Tip: People tend to think that a pager's foul Well it kinda is, cuz it makes me scoul But it really hurts when you're on the prowl Brothas know it hurts when you're on the prowl Grabbin on my joint cuz I'm an eager owl Get paged by a G or a business pal My shit is overflowin, they won't allow Another page, so I'll just end this now (Message sent. Thank you for calling skypager)

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