Álbum: Word Play

featuring Consequence Q-Tip: One, two, what'cha wanna do Three, four, cuz we're gonna give you more Five, six, and we ain't the tricks Seven, eight, and we got it straight Nine, ten, cuz we make it blend Eleven, twelve, never ever goin for self Tribe Called Quest situation Check it out Q-Tip: Power. People really get caught with this on different levels Power controls your life Money. The companion of the first. Some people tend to worship And we know this ain't right. Phife: Attitude(attitude) is how I get my point across. You can't call yourself an MC if you know that you're soft. how the stage is approached. I burn MCs like toast Cuz I'm the host with the most. Consequence: Illin(illin) is what you do when you're assin. Whether it be you or all up in your past and... Cashin...done turned your people corrupt It's six o'clock, girl, you gotta get your weight up Q-Tip: Sex(sex). Either a man or a woman. This agenda, but when lovers get down Froggin. When niggaz try to play roles But when they really need to put that shit background Phife: Miserable(miserable) is what your whole crew will be If you're not original and you show no strategy how the track tends to flow And if you don't know, tell em diggy said so Q-Tip: We livin this cuz it's deep in our bones A Tribe Called Quest with this hip hop jones So sit and analyze the lyrical spray Cuz all it really is is word play(word play)(word) Consequence: Willie. That's what I kick to get this Millie on a lilly Now, I'm packin dimes like Chilli Stress(stress). That's what I always go through Cuz it's survival of the fittest on the 192 Q-Tip: Knowledge. When the mind accept facts On this plane of livin, knowledge be the key, black Understanding. Gettin a grip on what's revealed When shit be real, can't give understanding back Phife: Analyze. That's what I do to MCs That be talkin bout they this and that, money please Ego. I'm on my own jock skill Cuz if I don't say I'm the best, tell me who the hell will Consequence: Cheeba smoke y'all. That's what I use to get high When I'm in a rut and I don't know why Try. Yo try again my friend Cuz you can't see this MC representin Linden Q-Tip: Freestyle(freestyle). A true MC trait And when you do it ill, niggaz respect it as great Yo, I gotta...(laughing) Phife: We livin this cuz it's deep in our bones A Tribe Called Quest with the hip hop jones So sit and analyze the lyrical spray Cuz all it really is is word play(word play)

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