Nox Arcanis Fidissima


Pale moon midnight Sulphur skies cover the stars Our souls now entwined Mighty sylph take our scars To spot a flicker Of a vampyric devine The bloodtrack tricked her It led her to the sunshine site An ardent sensation to dread Has now taken her unlife Into a botomless abyss she fled Toghether with her the myth has died We carried on our journey To discover what we really are Our bodies never burried Yet, we were deadlong before Ye crawl underneath his tyranny For lamia showed us the way Now vampyrism has been freed Dark has come to plunder the vale (vae victis!) Fear me now, tremble! Can't baptise me away From sunset 'til sunrise I'll be setting free my rage I hunger for blood, need to feed I will die if i don't bleed That hungry feeling is my growing greed Locusta quench my thirst As the last drop is spilled Then wilst thee brake this curse For then my journey's fulfilled Then slowly close my coffin The cold one, i was born in In my tears i dissolve All what's left is my secretly grin Jay had to remember my name Howl these words at every gothic sin.

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