Existence of Hate

Agnostic Front

Álbum: Existence of Hate

They told me when I was young that I would change What I once saw would become like everything else, The same – The open eyes of youth would close down just to cracks, I would never again see the real world, Just like the rest, I'd turn my back. I told them once when I was young, That it was too late for me to change, I couldn't ignore the facts, The reality that brought this incredible pain. Scars wichin my flesh and soul, Stayed just for show, Seeing, I felt and saw things, Others could never know. They tell me now to turn my head, So that I may rest in peace, But ignoring the things I know, Would be living a life of deceit, The perversion of love and the power of hate, Lie deep inside my mind, I can't turn to ignorance – The life of the worldly blind.

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