Discografia - Kelly Willis

  • Kelly Willis - Easy


    • Don't Come The Cowboy With Me Sonny Jim!
    • Easy
    • Find Another Fool
    • Getting To Me
    • If I Left You
    • Not What I Had In Mind
    • Reason To Believe
    • Wait Until Dark
    • What Did You Think
    • You Can't Take It With You
  • Kelly Willis - One More Time: The MCA Recordings

    One More Time: The MCA Recordings

    • Baby Take A Piece Of My Heart
    • Get Real
    • Heaven's Just A Sin Away
    • Hidden Things
    • I Don't Want To Love You
    • I Know Better Now
    • I'll Try Again
    • Little Honey
    • Looking For Someone Like You
    • River Of Love
    • Sincerely
    • Take It All Out On You
    • The Heart That Love Forgot
    • Whatever Way The Wind Blows
  • Kelly Willis - Translated From Love

    Translated From Love

    • Don't Know Why
    • I Must Be Lucky
    • Losing You
    • Nobody Wants To Go To The Moon Anymore
    • Stone's Throw Away
    • Success
    • Sweet Little One
    • Sweet Sundown
    • Teddy Boys
    • The More That I'm Around You
    • Too Much To Lose
    • Translated From Love
  • Kelly Willis - What I Deserve

    What I Deserve

    • Cradle Of Love
    • Fading Fast
    • Got A Feelin' For Ya
    • Happy With That
    • Heaven Bound
    • Not Forgotten You
    • Not Long For This World
    • Take Me Down
    • Talk Like That
    • They're Blind
    • Time Has Told Me
    • What I Deserve
    • Wrapped

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