Why Why

Baby D

She was looking so good when I saw her in the mall Hair done nails done and all Getting off the elevatior Nigga had to pause Got a woodie in my draws Got her number(so I'll talk to you later) Shawty do you wanna ride with me Slip and slide with me Baby tell me what's really on your mind Anytime of the day is the right time Call me on the phone We'll be creeping in the middle of the night Baby girl if the mood's right Sipping wine by the candle light I bet you never had a lover like me Get you in between the sheets Feel the heat as I kiss you from your head to your feet So shawty what you say Baby can you swing my way Forever in a day I will always say Baby can we sweat this one more again Chorus: Ebony Crom Why why why Baby D Why can't you be faithful to me Listen boy [Baby D] 5 minutes of action Slow grinding on the mattress Eye to eye with mine Had an action for passion Because I'm long lasting See I wanna hit it quit it Get (? ? ?) right And I really didn't understand Was it 'cause I'm a bigger fan By the way she turn boys to men She had me wanting to do it again And again and again and again But I'm a playa for life, right, tight, Then let's get it on Where the phone let's bone Keep it going all soft I just come to break you off What you want what you need Come with me and freak your fantasy Every night she be begging me please Chorus

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