Miss Freedom

Bad Brains

Check out the government inject the innocent with subliminal Criminal vibes. with the message attainable station to station Tellin lies to a nation adressed by the president yo. you should All be aware that leadera who fooled you and told you lies to get Elelected rejected a civil rights bill with skill. what is he Saying. subliminal vibes again. you're known as miss freedom, You're known as the land of opportunity. yea but what do they Know, they know nothing. tell-lies-vision it's got a nation Trapped, keepin you flip back and forth and back. a remoe in Your brain you remain the same intellectual genocide. it's Suicide because you play the game and turn it on, so now you're Caught like a base head visual fiending for the things you see On your television! suliminal vibes again. subliminal nation, Govermental constitution emancipated miss freedom was their Mendacious solution. to keep us really where we are mentally. Physically and foolishly abiding by the rules they set. what do They know. they don't live like we do, they'll never understand The middle or lowere class. so you better believe we go to Overstand ourselves. from the white house in d. c. they'll never See you and me. believe that brother, so whether you're white our Whether your black take your brothers hand and sure nuff Understand that this world is in need of a new plan, stop Suffering and bring love across the land miss freedom.

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