Déjà Vu (feat. Jay-z)


Bey - Bass Jay - Uh Bey - Hi hat Jay - Uh Bey - 808 Jay - Uh Bey - Jay Jay - Uh-huh. Ready? Uh-huh Bey - Let's go get 'em Jay - Uh huh. C'mon Rap Verse 1 I used to run base like Juan Pierre Now I run the bass hi hat and the snare I used to bag girls like Birkin Bags Now I bag B ([BEYONCE]: Boy you hurtin' that) Brooklyn Bay where they birthed me at Now I be everywhere, the nerve of rap The audacity to have me whippin curtains back Me and B, she about to sting Stand back Verse 1 Baby, seems like everywhere I go, I see you From your eyes, your smile, its like I breath you Helplessly I reminisce don’t want to Compare nobody to you Pre Chorus Boy I try to catch myself, but I’m out of control You sexiness is so appealing I can’t let it go Hook You know that I can’t get over you Cuz everything I see is you And I don’t want no substitute Baby I swear, it’s deja vu (Repeat) Verse 2 I’m seeing thing that I know can’t be Am I dreaming? When I saw you walkin’ past me, Almost call your name Gotta a better glimpse and then I looked away Feels like I’m losin’ it Rap Verse 2: Hova's flow so unusual Baby, girl you should already know It's H-O, light up the strobe 'Cause you gon' need help tryna study my Bounce, blow, blow What's the difference One, you take in vein While the other you sniffin' It's still dough Po-po try to convict him That's a no-go My dough keep the scales, tippin Like 4-4's Like I'm from the H-O-U-S-T-O-N Blow, wind So Chicago of him Is he the best ever That's the argu-a-ment I don't make the list, don't be mad at me I just make the hits, like a factory I'm just one-to-one, nothin' after me No Dejá Vú Just me and my, Oh Bridge Baby, I can’t go anywhere Without thinkin’ that you’re there Seems like everywhere, it’s true Gotta be havin’ deja vu Cuz in my mind, I want you here Get on the next plane, I don’t care Is it because I’m missin’ you That I’m havin’ deja vu

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