Romantic Movie Love

Big Fox

Silently I walked about that
Medium-sized town
Wondering what it was I tried to find
As the years went by
The desperation grew
Along with my
Teenage doubts
And deepest shouts

Romantic movie love
Romantic movie love
Tell me how and tell me when
Romantic movie love
I squeezed my little heart, said
Why can’t you make some art?

It was like a secret book
In a language I couldn’t speak
As if I had to find the magic spell
And every night I prayed
That one day I’d understand
I said at least let me
Get a hang of it

Romantic movie love…

But love’s a rebellious bird
It flies the way it wants
And one day when I thought all hope was gone
There, suddenly, it was
I stood silent and surprised
As a blackbird
Landed in my palm

Romantic movie love
Romantic movie love
Is it really, really you
Romantic movie love…?

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