Letra - Ass Knockin

Bob Schneider

Compositor:Bob Schneider

(chorus 2x) All I wanna do is rock this motherfucker all night long ya'll Non stop 'till the crack of dawn ya'll Ass-Knockin till you can't go on Stop over with the goodies and get it on Rock the house party like Freddie King Dropping the big bomb like it's no big thing Fuckin up the system like a psychopath Bringing the knowledge like Sylvia Plath Get ___ like I was Aquaman Fling the funky fat far across the land Do the def nugget like I was born to do Holding it down like I was superglue (repeat chorus) Breakin all the rules like it's no big deal Eatin hot sauce til it makes me sick Hangin out with the fly girls at the laundromat Why their dickhead boyfriends wonder where they at I gotta drink a big jar of that jammy juice Doing all the things I was supposed to do Sleepwalking honey through the land of love While a hundred billion stars shine high above (repeat chorus) You gots to get on down like a kangaroo Maxing and relaxing in the booty groove I gotta sling the groovy gravy everywhere I go So I can flip the freaky deak and cold freak the flow Teach the whole world to sing my song So we can all get together and all get along (repeat chorus) Vive la fiesta in the old school way Bust out some old Scorps or some Kid N Play Creamy dreamsicle aphrodisiac Park my big booty where the beats is at I gotta take it up a notch to the 5th degree Like I was taught by the master gee People coming up and they askin me How'd a boy from Ypsilanti like you ever get to be Such a bad motherfucker on the M I C I said show me, shit it comes naturally cause (repeat chorus)

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