Letra - Dono Da Vida (Tradução em Inglês)


Compositor:Marcos J. Rodrigues

Master if he were here, my brother would not die Teacher can not see the Lord is already dead for four days Master, Master you can not do anything Because Lazarus stinketh Master know you can give them life That I have no doubt but at the Final Judgement Jesus said: I am the life, life is in my hands If you believe now you will see the glory of God in the life of his brother Take me where he is and see the glory of God For I am the master of life and can give life to those who have died Arriving at the tomb of Lazarus in a loud voice he spoke as follows: Lazarus come out of this is called its creator At that moment you hear miracle and tombstone left Before all the human eye who was dead rose Declamation: And as it is written in the Gospel of John What surprised everyone there not believing that he witnessed The tombstone was removed and the Bible says When Jesus spoke in a loud voice, Lazarus Go out and everyone saw the glory of God and believe in him Because he is the resurrection and the life And he still believes in him shall never die Lazarus went to the tomb is with hands and feet tied And his face wrapped in sheets And these Jews saw what happened They looked to Jesus praising God He is here and can give life to those who have died If you believe now you will see the glory of God in this place It is what it was, is what it is, and always will be He is the master of life and can give life to those who are dead If you want to have life to receive the life of the master of life Who can give life to life that has lost his life And must live and live the life that has no life In life you can not say that life is life If you want to have a life of surrender to life and start living

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