Only One U


My baby he the perfect 10, He punches in at 9, 8 the breakfast that i made for him, Hops in the 7, He gets 6 figures, When he gets off at 5, Im what he's hungry 4, 3 little letters and im in the mood, And he's the only man i give it 2, If you man don't be stressing Ya need to count your blessings Lady let me see ya hands Help me with this countdown. 10 so many reasons why i stick with you 9 minds and my body adore u cause of the things you do 8 i want you here with me 7 days of the week 6 if i let you go im a fool cause boy there only one you 5 said i never want to let you go 4 that's from my heart ever and ever just to be with you that's all 3 i want no i never want to leave Your love is 2 good to me Represent thank god you came through cause boy there only one you. I count the second till he's at the door I kissed his lips at least at thousand times before Still get that feeling my knees get to shakin' My head starts to spinning He one in a million to me And he don't have to say a word When he meets me with a dozen red roses I know i got a winner So if you got a winner Ladies le me see ya hands now Help me with this countdown. Chorus**** Can't see me without you by my side so many reasons why in your girl and your my guy your all i need how i need to get by like method & mary blige, you don't have to wonder why. Chorus****

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