Surround U


[Chorus] You don't even know how much I love you You don't even know how I adore you I bet it would astound you If I told you now to Just let all my love surround you And everytime you call me I start shaking And me not telling you bout my heart aching I bet it would astound you If I told you now that I wanna let all my love surround you [Verse:] If you knew what I thought about you It's like the best thing I could find Treat like honeydew, when I'm kissing you I can't lie And we're suppose to be just friends Benefits with no commitments But I find myself missing you more than I should be [Pre-Chorus:] I got a picture of you I keep it with me You never knew that it was so deep Sick over you Aint that the truth And it aint hard to tell [Chorus] [Verse 2:] Can't believe you don't know about me Even talk about you in my sleep All my family knows, straight over dose I'm you, you, you Go in my room, and I shut the door So I can think about your smile some more Made you out to be the biggest thing to me Locked up in life [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] [Bridge:] I'm sitting here in your truck Going crazy over your touch And it gets to be to much (On the daily, if I could keep you with me) Just a little bit of your time Wanna give you all of mine I'm thinking maybe, baby, we should just, baby, we whould just try [Chorus] [While singing in Chorus:] You don't even know it I'm crazy, crazy over you Baby, Baby, Yea You don't even know it [Fade Out]

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