J'ai Mal Aux Dents


J'ai mal aux dents! j'ai mal aux pieds aussi! ... This is a man hard working song there is... no old dream we practiced for years my friend to get this machine screams noise follows questions honey the hero is a business bunny if it means money this is time maybe we do it without crime because you are crying and i don't listen because you are dying and i just whistle that thing so anonymously today and echoes of my laughter burn into your seven hour turn The problem is not only pain if time could be part of machine you could pack it, see it's clean you could roll the end to start tomorrow skip my plastic heart beating for a spacey blues and you could hear it without shoes It's been a nice (historic) role first call the name and then the code first call the code and then the name i think it's still a funny game ROCK OFF!!! Here we go sisters, here we go man your home made connections i do what i can your tranquilliser body touch is very nice because and i don't need you makes you wait for the master because i don't need you and you sit on your chair with your distant care this mind blowing freak makes my mind very sick and the seasons grow without your be active or die blow say A.M. man, say A.M. woman's role see the mind control is perfect and you still have your daddy's smile fences on the floor are not there because you can't hide you get your children, you get your car what do you think how old you are what do you think what people need it's not that plastic, let it bleed it's not that plastic honey don't because you understand you won't see your generation with their TV on standby ROLL OUT!!! j'ai mal aux pieds aussi! ... Schempal Buddah ship on a better sea!

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