I'm Broken But I'll Try


Mother, I'm calling for you, mother
You've been gone for too long, why'd you go?
Is this what you think it means to be responsible?
Hospital, you stayed in the hospital
Trying to convince the nurse to give you sedatives
You said, "I'll give anything to make this all go away"

Baby love, I'm singing to you, baby love
Please don't tell me we're really giving up
I need you to be strong for the both of us

I'm a little baby bird being pushed out of it's nest
Climbing back up the trees, admitting I'm weaker than the rest
Little honey pie, I'm broken but I'll try
To fix you along with me tonight, I won't stop until we're fine

[Spoken Word]
Rain, I can feel you coming my way
I'm scared that I'll start wanting to run away again
As the cold breeze will give me the confidence to say
Get the fuck away from me
The hardest part of growing up is realizing
You liked who you were better than who you are
I miss everything about you
Tell me a bedtime story
One where I die at the end

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