I Confess


Oh yes, he has all the answers He's gonna set me straight How can he presume to know what I've been through? He hasn't got a clue But how could anyone unless they've had a son As perfect as a child can be, The best of all the best in me My brush with immortality, my kid. For sixteen winters and fifteen springs I had a son, and still it stings When i remember all the things we did, Me and my kid. Simple things like fishing at the lake, Tiptoeing out before dawn, Bobbie would worry if we didn't hurry, All the fish would be gone. We would sit and huddle in the boat Waiting for something to bite And I'd watch the sun rise in my own son's eyes And the world would fill up with light. And Bobbie would ask a million questions: Daddy how many is the biggest number? Or Daddy, Why do I have a thumb? (chorus)And I confess, I didn't always have the answers, I didn't always know which way was true, Nevertheless, I always tried to lead with love That's all that any father can do. As the years went by we had our differences, But then who doesn't Even if the friendship wasn't all it was before, We shared a lot and who'd've thought That so much joy could vanish in a blink, Whoever stops to think. And in that final moment who knows what went wrong The questions come to late, and linger far too long And I confess I don't always have the answers I don't always know which way is true, Nevertheless I always try to lead with love, That's all that any father can do. And then look, look what do I do! This boy comes to me,this fatherless child I scoff at his pain and I send him away. My daughter speaks up and I shout her down I won't hear a word of what she has to say My wife reaches out and I turn my back I send her to bed without even a kiss Can my God forgive the things I have done While I'm not forgetting how much I'm still missing my son. I'm tired of feeling nothing, but numb Maybe the time has come To finally let the world in But how do i begin? (choir) Ohh ohh oo ooo Give me strength, and maybe then I can reach my fellow men So we all may rise again I confess I don't always have the answers I don't always know which way is true Nevertheless, I always try to lead with love Please join me in asking our Lord to guide and protect Our children

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