Shining Through

Fredro Starr

[Sunshine-Chorus] I see your true color, shinin through I see your true color, an' that's why I love you I see your true color, shinin through I see your true color, an' that's why I love you [Verse 1: Fredro Starr] Yo, father forgive, we all tryin to survive where we live I'd rather feed the homeless eight times than talk to da kids Show 'em life ain't no walk on the bridge Damn as hard as it is, when I be dreamin I be talkin to B.I.G In my hood it ain't no yellow brick road, we hear the shots echo Sneakers hangin from a telephone pole In my ghetto aint no rainbow wit pots a gold But tha was love from tha family when tymes are cold I seen n analyzed tha world from my project roof An' seen the hope in tha eyes of a troubled youth A good kid, I kept this burna in dis motha goose A motherless child,lost in these streets loose In the waterworlds away these are rainy days My man got poped at an early age These cowards run n say he flipped into his early grave They say the good die young, we're headed for dem early gates Chorus [Verse 2: Fredro Starr] Yo,they say this love wasn't meant to be 2 people from 2 different worlds, we wasn't meant to be It musta been fate you were sent to me We'll make it through these hard tymes, eventually Tha standard fight,walk by faith n not by sight We're all tha same color when you turn off tha lights I take tha sunshine with tha pain Wear my Saraguards sad,dats when it rains No fridge, kept tha food on tha window payne We all breathe tha same air so we all tha same Im trapped in this ghetto maze tryna make it out If you don't know me don't judge me, wuthcu talkin bout Im far dividable of ard of tha broken dreams Single mothas yall my heroes, yall my queens To get my moms out tha hood, that's my hope n dreams To raise my son to be a soldier by any means Chorus to Fade

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