He Doesn't Even Know Her

John Berry

He thinks half way is good enough He gives her his life in bits and pieces and calls it love How can one man have so much And still miss the taste of such sweet wine I'd drink it all if she were mine {Chorus}: He doesn't know what loving her could mean He doesn't know a single dream she dreams He doesn't feel the rhythm of her heart How can he stop the tears before they start There's so much of her soul he doesn't see He'll never know how true her love can be How can he ever give her what she needs He doesn't even know her I know there's a story in her eyes I see the pages slowly fade everytime she cries When she leaves he won't know why He's got a diamond in his hand He needs to save it if he can {Chorus} He doesn't even know her Favorite time of day Words that touch her and take her breath away Theres a power that she'll never show If he thinks she won't go {Chorus} That has to be the saddest thing to me He doesn't even know her

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