Hey Everyone

Kelly Rowland

We've all got troubles We all make mistakes But let's not take a little river Turn it into a lake We've all been humbled We've lost and we've found But it can never get the best of us If we've not lookin' drown And I wonder Are there others like me Yeah I wonder I've got the whole world left to see Hey everybody If you listen to the beat We'll celebrate it now By strompin' our feet Hey everybody Do you know what I mean We can get it dirry While we're keepin it clearn Na Na Na Na...... You've got it bad We'll she's got it worse She got no chocolate in the bank account No chesse in the purse You feel neglected with no self esteen Just when you finally found your glitter Someone's taken the gleam And I wonder Why is life always this way Yes you wonder Could there be a brighter day And I wonder wonder now (Can we work it out ) And I wonder wonder now

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