Look What I've Become (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign)

Mike Posner

Walked across Ohio, took me fifty days
I talked to the stars, they were happy that I came
Somedays I'm a genius, others I'm insane
There is something gorgeous underneath the pain

I can feel it liftin' (Woo) I'm feeling good
I'm thinkin' 'bout David from my old neighborhood
A warm and perfect white light in each of my cells
I used to be a pop singer now I am myself

Yeah, I take a little right now just to count my blessings
Count my blessings, count, count, count
Take a little time right now just to count my blessings
Count my blessings, okay

Even when I'm fallin' there's something underneath
Something that is perfect, it's almost like a dream
I know Vincent Van Gogh, I know Princess Di
And David Foster Wallace he calls me all the time
If I think 'bout paradise I'd imagine this
No drugs or no alcohol 'cause I'm high as it is
I don't want your money, I am simply done
I just walked away, huh, look what I've become

Look what I've become (Woo)
Look what I've become (Woo)
Look what I've become (Woo)
Look what I've become

Rolling through South Central, better watch your ass
Bars all on my window, pistol on my bed-stand
To live and die in L. A. , couldn't make it off of minimum wage
I had to get the big body Mercedes
Cop a Rollie plus one for my lady, my lady
I always knew I'd be a legend, saw it in my dreams
I had to keep one eye open, I could barely sleep
I had to kill 'em with success like they the enemy
Murder, murder, murder, Lord, mercy me
I stopped smoking last year, fuck that, started back again
God don't make no accidents, look what I've become
Yeah look what I've become

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