(Chorus) Money, hoes, cars, and clothes, that's how all my niggas know blowin dro on 24's, that's how all my niggas roll (2x) (TI verse 1) In a frop top chevy with the roof wide open my partners looking at me to see if my eyes still open cause I been drinkin, and I been smoking flying down 285 but I'm focus its a four fifty four, where it says I raise comotion white leather seats, as fresh as air forces doing bout a hundred but the track still bumping number 8 on nwa straight out of compton pull up at your apartment sitting 24s and the dope boys, saying the kids running in the clicks start dealing and the broads start choosing and the cars been parked but the rims keep moving sign pictures by the hundred, to the youngins in the hood cause I ain't hollywood, I come from hood I'm use to it, if your rear view shaking and your seats vibrating 24 inch jays got the chevrolet shaking (chorus) Verse 2 I'll make a mill and I'm satisfied, I'll get the rest at the age of seventeen, entertaining the rides, I want the best I refuse to get a 9 to 5, I'm a flip my keys been paying my dues since 89, trying to get my cheese diamonds gleam when I'm on the scene, they know its me ain't no dream or no fantasy its T I P brought busting, like a baby do a blanket 5 karats on my motherfucking pinkie, half of hennessy and belevedre what we drinking, pimps send for broads what the hell you niggas thinkin, yall niggas spend a weekend in the islands in the fall, 24 inch rim shining when I'm riding cause I'm ballin I'm calling out shots like a pool shark my tools spark, when I fool yall, yall foold hard in the wrong place and the wrong time, I got a strong mind to grab my dro nine, and shoot at your ass for a longtime but I'm a get that ass, all dog, fuck around with the click get shot like a dick with a stick, cause yall lost cause I'm a ball at all costs, spit game at a dame, look around at this thank til she falls off (chorus2x) verse 3 I'm not bouncing little shorty, I'm relaxing right now I probably still be trappin if I wasn't rapping right now bragging about pistols at the house, guess whos strapped right now keep a talking I'm a lay you on your back right now wanta act right now, get smacked right now, I'm a bankhead motherfucka I don't know to backdown, clown down talking to your friends, talking about what you making I'm 21 in 10 deep, that shit to me ain't nothing, getting played by the niggas getting head, for the change, my lead wanta spray and your dead with decay, they ain't ready for the raid pay heavy for the yay, tell my class to kiss my ass, I make a 11 everyday Chorus2x cause

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