("ohm" is chanted in long drawn out syllables throughout the song) [Saul Williams] through meditation I program my heart to beat breakbeats and hum basslines on exhalation *Saul beatboxes* "ohm" I burn seven day candles that melt into twelve inch circles on my mantle and spin funk like myrrh *Saul beatboxes* "ohm" and I can fade worlds in and out with my mixing patterns letting the Earth spin as I blend in Saturn niggaz be like spinning windmills, braiding hair locking, popping, as the sonic force of the soul keeps the planets rocking the beat don't stop when, soulless matter blows into the cosmos, trying to be stars the beat don't stop when, Earth sends out satellites to spy on Saturnites and control Mars cause niggaz got a peace treaty with Martians and we be keepin em up to date with sacred gibberish like "sho' nuff" and "it's on" the beat goes on, the beat goes on, the beat goes "ohm" and I roam through the streets of downtown Venus trying to auction off monuments of Osiris' severed penis but they don't want no penis in Venus for androgynous cosmology sets their spirits free and they neither men nor women be but they be down with a billion niggaz who have yet to see that interplanetary truth is androgynous and they be sending us shoutouts through shooting stars and niggaz be like, "Whattup?" and talking Mars cause we are so-lar and regardless of how far we roam from home the universe remains our center, like "ohm" I am no Earthling, I drink moonshine on Mars and mistake meteors for stars cause I can't hold my liquor but I can hold my breath and ascend like wind to the black hole and play galaxaphones on the fire escapes of your soul blowing tunes through lunar wombs, impregnating stars giving birth to suns, that darken the skins that skin our drums and we be beating infinity over sacred hums spinning funk like myrrh until Jesus comes and Jesus comes everytime we drum and the moon drips blood and eclipses the sun and out of darkness comes a *Saul beatboxes* and out of darkness comes a *Saul beatboxes* and out of darkness comes the...

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