Pray For Rain

Scars To Prove

How does it feel right now When you took enough to take me away? And I hope you're not soft on your rough goodbyes And this is your course for collision And the only end is to taste your... Maybe you should hear me out Listen to what I have to say and turn your head away I'm done holding back With your urge and my doubts, this can only be more There they are. How bad do you need this? And I don't need a filter to see this red Its permanence is on your hands Funny how we thought this could never end So go home and pack your things Fill your hangs with what you can bring Steal your time and realize that "this is just like me doing What I only know best" Use your foolproof plan, the one that's got you this far My blood has shown But it's never you There's no way I want to think With your urge and my doubt...this can be nothing more

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