Hey dragged up my holly and I pull it to a town for the bigtime Hey rig down the road I tore 'em down I'm a bigtime I wheeled right in them swinging doors Out through the window with half of that store Everybody stopped and roared here comes Bigtime Lemme grab me a bottle when I bit off a tap cause I'm bigtime I do a 90 miles an hour in this speedin' trap and that's bigtime I rolled up the telephone pole and then I kissed 15 women fought 16 men I thought I'd start over again for another bigtime And then a cop come up he said I see you've been enjoyin' quite a bigtime yeah But you got to pay for what have been destroyed Mr Bigtime I told that cop you better cut right out Cause you're a little bitty man I'm a great big trout I swung at him and the lights went out on my bigtime Hey here I am coolin' in the country slam and this is the bigtime The judge didn't believe how imprtant I am he gave me bigtime And in the bunk above me there is a poor tempted soul He shot his wife cause she sneezed untold Hope he didn't catch cold here in the bigtime Hey when I get out I can have it made I could be bigtime Vause my safecracker buddies wanna teach me the trade in their bigtime I thanked them kindly but I told them no when I get out I'm gonna take it slow A cup of hot chocolade and a late late show will be my bigtime Yea cup of hot chocolade and a late show will be my bigtime

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