The Flame of Wrath

Sins of Thy Beloved

Álbum: The Flame of Wrath

Sins of Thy Beloved - Perpetual Desolation (2000) THE SINS OF THY BELOVED - Perpetual Desolation 2000 Napalm Records 1. The Flame Of Wrath 2. Forever 3. Pandemonium 4. Partial Insanity 5. Perpetual Desolation 6. Nebula Queen 7. The Mournful Euphony 8. A Tormented Soul 9. The Thing That Should Not Be [Metallica] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ The Flame Of Wrath - Sins of Thy Beloved Thou taught me love and suffer and pain my doubtful hope and eke my hot desire with shameful look to shadow and refrain thy smiling grace converted straight to ire The kisses of thine lips without feelings thine embraces so emotionless. Thou made love a shameful and wretched thing the flame of wrath shall on the fall Graciously thou delighted me obsequious I adored thee but yet I concealed my arousal I saw thee mourn but fared not heard thou not my wail as I confessed my love In the remains of my putrified mind I'm probing for alleviation vainly trying to release this passion that engulfs me My lust triving beyond can I elude this need chained in eternal darkness with a torn in my heart I cling to thee my beauty still so close but yet apart I yearn for thine seduction with desire I ache let my passion enswathe thee thine heart I'll take Thine deceitful enticing tempation inexcusable havoc hear me now as I declare I shall quell thee My lust thriving beyond can I elude this need As I reveal my clandestine deceit my urge of virulence increases thine eyes shines of depravation the flame of wrath shall on thee fall Darknes be over thee algels to beckon thee true eternal passion an eternal tormen

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