Goddess of The Seas

Six Magics

Wretched woman, daughter of vanity Goddess of a divine race Lethal mermaid of the seas Eternal youth rules the ocean Eternal youth of the southern landscape Beauty of the golden sand [Bridge:] Heiress of the ancient ritual Sensual dancing of the nakedness Heiress of the ancient ritual Takes the soul away from there Lucky are the men who have never seen her [Chorus:] She sends lost souls to the ships Glory you will win with these hearts Men touched by your hands The weight of this cross you will feel In the lap of her life He was one more soul She found him on the sand [Solo: Both] She's the one who casts a spell on the men's dreams Neither veil nor nuptial chant You are the bride of the seamen Yoyr zeals of goddess caress their will Your dancing is macabre and sensual Perfect mermaid of the waters Don't be careless Don't look at her eyes Lips full of passion and enchantment Romance between (the) land and the sea Sinister idyll between waves and sand [Chorus...] Another night another singing Another sailor for the ship, His right shoulders is paralyzed And the threartening waves wait for him He won't be able to survive I will carry him to his new abode As one of them he will fly over the sea... forever

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