All Over You


Look At Me, I Can't Sleep Alone With These Secrets I Keep The Walls Are Breathing And I Consider the Casualties If the Man That You Have to Be Changes His Mind Over Heart Over Head Over Heels I Can Feel Good-bye But I'll Always Be Chorus All Over You I'll Burn Upon Your Body With a Fire That's Mocking the Sun All Over You The Love That Lingers On Your Lips Will Be My Final Testament That What's Been Done I Can't Undo I'll Always Be All Over You I Pour a Glass of Pure Honesty Leaves Me Dizzy Enough to See That It's Raining Outside My Window, the Light Balloon Isn't Rising a Moment Too Soon Breaking Things I Didn't Know Were So Brittle They'd Break Was It My Mistake To Light the Match and Blow the Ash (Repeat Chorus) Bridge I Could Deny the Seasons Even With the Last Leaf That Falls If It Justified the Reasons I'm Not Yours At All So I'll Go On Lamenting Silently If That's the Way It Has to Be But You'll Always Touch and Taste and See Me (Repeat Chorus) All Over You, All Over You All Over You, All Over You All Over You - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah All Over You

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