Let It Rain

Violent J

Looks like rain... Sittin down in my crack house Earning my pay It's the southwest juggla claiming Delray Violent j, known by gang squad and police alike I'm known to get wrong off the get right Hanging out the truck I blow the mausburg off Who the head of your set I blow your boss shirt off I be the top dawg killa, who the bomb don? You're soft like a bon bon, in your Sean John I'm riding dirtay up and down forth, escort I'm in a Ringmaster gold super sport And it's about to rain I see the weather bad Hit the top on up like I better had I cut back to the cut, to get a cut of my cut, Because even in a hurricane a crack head will show up I be the gang tag K-a, gay fag slayer, bag weigher With a sweet street sweeped AK I don't care... (Chorus x2) I like the darkness It's 'bout to helly flow Tornado sirens Let it rain wicked shit It's pouring man, I'm smoking a blunt It's pouring rain, the hood soaking it up But it's getting kind of windy and the walls are shaking Fucking roofs coming off I'm in a lazy boy, baking I see the crack heads trying to reach the porch But the wind sweep 'em off before they get to the door they only 90 pounds Grab something held down, Because you looking funny flying around, FAG! Blunt wrap on my lap, ash all over me Playing Nintendo, mega man 4, from '93 Shudders are shaking and the lightning is frightening Fucking windows are breaking; man I'm thinking it might be a tornado Go to the door, open it up, yup, all the same back to my game It's all right, along as that motherfucker stay outside I'm tight (Chorus x2) I like the darkness It's 'bout to helly flow Tornado sirens Let it rain wicked shit Holy fucking shit what the fuck is happilating The whole house spinning and shaking Damn near breaking in half, I take it and laugh Because what the fuck can I do? I put the rocks in my sock so I don't lose them too, I'm fucking hanging on I lost all but my drawers Somehow my game's still good chilling on pause We air born and the windows flying passing by A crackheads waving at me still trying to buy Mailboxes, a pizza man, some garbage cans Then I seen a naked ass bitch like... damn! There was all kind a crazy shit caught in the storm But before long all that shit was gone...

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